Weighing Systems and TPMS

Quality products, increasingly "smart" thanks to constant Research & Development, as well as a customized service on the product during the sale and post-sale phase, make Outset the ideal partner for your company.
The OUTSET On Board Weighing Systems installed on industrial vehicles, agricultural and earthmoving machines, as well as warehouse logistics, are integrated into a device via a web platform, allowing you to interface company management systems for weighing data automation, with access to localization and tracking services of activities and control the weight of the materials handled, optimizing production processes and working conditions. The Outset TPMS system allow constant tire monitoring and prevents tire damage, as well as reducing fuel consumption and saving time and money.
Outset TPMS allows continuous monitoring of the condition of the tires, alerting the user through alarms identified by unique symbols that report anomalies in terms of excessive temperature, too high or too low pressure or rapid drop in the same, as well as any communication problems radio with one of the sensors.
To guarantee the quality of our company and to testify our commitment so that at the center of our work there is always the protection of customers, suppliers and employees and the certainty of supplying certified quality products, subject to continuous research and development studies, we are ISO 9001-14001-45001 certified.
Teamwork governed by well-structured and measurable processes are fundamental tools to ensure a high level of quality for our customers.

Tutorial and guides

All Outset products are supplied with guides and video tutorials for installation and assistance.